syyskuuta 17, 2018


I was in Berlin with my boyfriend last February. It was his Christmas present to me. We would go to Berlin for a few days, and see my favorite singer's show! Super exiting, since I have never been to a gig like that before. We had a little bad luck on our trip, and it started with the weather. Usually, it isn't too cold, but now some ice weathers from the north had just landed there, and I swear it was worse than in Finland. But like good finns, we managed.

Even before the trip, there was some bad luck. See, we would have to get up around 3 am for this 7 am flight. And that did not sound good. So we checked into a airport hotel the day before. This way we could sleep much later and actually be rested. All was good for like an hour of sleep in, then the air conditioner started to yell, and we didn't sleep a wink with the annoyance. Oh well, at least we were all ready at the airport.

So who's show did we go all the way to Berlin to see? Well Aurora of course. 
Aurora Aksnes (AURORA) is a young, talented singer from Norway. Her voice and singing goes straight to your soul. She takes it, and makes it weep. You are falling in love, with no gravity, that is what her songs make you feel. 

I first came across her music, when I lost a member of our little pack, one of my cats, Tintti. I was browsing in youtube, and her songs were suggested to me. Played one, and I was sold. 

I think her music really helped me deal with the loss of my pet, I could just loose myself in the sorrows and powers of her voice. I do hope she can offer you, my dear reader some emotion as well. I will leave links in the end for you to listen to. 

Rest of our trip went nicely, we had dinner in a high-end restaurant looking like we do not belong there, walked the Memorial of the murdered Jews and visited places like Checkpoint Charlie. It was the best-known Berlin Wall crossing point between East Berlin and West Berlin during the Cold War (1947–1991). 

We had a very plesent, and memorable time in Berlin. Even with the cold weather, no sleep, disappointing customer service and a delayed flight couldn't bring our spirits down. It was a lovely present from my lovely man, and I can't wait to jump into more adventures with him. Good bye Berlin! 

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