joulukuuta 31, 2017

Auld Lang Syne

Life changes, that's what the new year is all about right?

In 2015, I made a timeline for things I want to accomplish in the following years. I took it out today thinking, that Im so far behind, only to realize how much I've done from it. Getting my other cat sterilized? Done. Quit smoking? Done. Started boxing? Done. Found my perfect guy? Done. Published my first book? Done.

I can actually feel like I've done something good with my life for the past few years. Till 2013 my life was a freaking mess. Lot of bad things there that I won't go deeper into now. But the changes that has followed? Oh wow.

Graduated as a chef, animal attendant, and as a security guard. Had a few jobs from different fields for experience. Quit drugs, drinking and eventually smoking. Changed the way I live, to match the way I feel, meaning (usually) healthy vegetarian diet, exercise for mind and body and living more eco-friendly. I Keep evolving with my crafts and have been selling them nicely. And I actually have been travelling, like I always wanted.

So today, I made a new timeline, to bring together the things from the old list that I haven't done yet, and to update the new things. As a symbol of accomplishment, I'm burning the old timeline.
Even though I feel that I've come a long way, there is still work to do. I take that journey on with a full heart. Shall the next year be as good as this one.

Should auld acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot and days of auld lang syne?
For auld lang syne, my dear, for auld lang syne,
we'll take a cup of kindness yet for auld lang syne.

joulukuuta 24, 2017


Is the time of the year again. Christmas time, or as it was before Christianity; Yule.
It was and is a festival observed by the historical Germanic peoples. Researchers have connected the celebration to the Wild Hunt, the god Odin, and the pagan Anglo-Saxon Mōdraniht.

The Wild Hunt is a European folk myth involving a ghostly or supernatural group of huntsmen passing in wild pursuit. God Odin is the Germanic mythology god of all the gods, associated with wisdom, healing, death, and royalty. And Mōdraniht was an "Mothers night" -event held at 25th of December by pagans.
Some things sure change, but some thing don't. No matter what history do you think of during the holidays, or if you think of any. Yule can be a romantic, safe, calm and nice time of the year.

I love the warmness of it. There is nothing like a hot cup of mulled wine, but then again, I love it year around. We always decorate the tree with my brother witch is good fun. And the whole family sits and eats together, this one special time of the year.

Board games, gifts, good vibes all around. Maybe throw in some classic Christmas songs as well and enjoy your day. Peace on earth.

joulukuuta 18, 2017

Dunnottar Castle

I was in Aberdeen last October, and visited the Dunnottar Castle in Stonehaven. After that trip I felt the urge to study it's history.

I haven't traveled that much. In 2016 I was in Scotland (Edinburgh, Glasgow, Arran) and earlier this year I was in Holland, mostly in Groningen. So the views I saw on the walk up to the castle was all new to me. I have never seen anything so beautiful.

The sea, high hills and deep valleys. Streams, cows and the wind. All of these things together was just so beautiful, always having one eye on the castle in the horizon.

Everytime I visit a place like this, my empath side places me to that time and place. I feel the sorrows and the joys, and the sadness of it being over. I can imagine the people of that age there, running the halls, looking at the sea and having lives that have ended years ago.

How there were 167 people kept prisoner in the same size of room, as the deutches bedroom, two floors up. They were ankle deep in mire, and held for nine weeks with no sanitation. Both food and water had to be bought from the guards. Twenty five men escaped, two of whom fell into their deaths, and fifteen we're captured and tortured.

How the pet-lion was so loud, that the duchess ordered it to be killed or she looses her beauty sleep. I can just picture it.

I take a lot of knowledge from this trip, and empathy for the souls that were lost. Never treat people for less than others, and appreciate old buildings and places, so that they will be there to teach to others as well. Lovely trip left in my memory that I will always cherish.

20.-24.10.2017 Aberdeen, Scotland