marraskuuta 29, 2017

My first book

Knock! Knock!
I wake up and run to the door, wondering who could it be. 
Exhausted mailman hands me a heavy box.
I wonder out loud "what it might be?"
Mailman looks at me funny, 
asks me to sign something, and sign away I will. 
After that he says
"I don't know what it is honey".

It's my first book!
"Seitsemän päivän satukirja" is a children's storybook, and it is in Finnish. Roughly translated it means "Seven day storybook", because this book has one story for each bedtime of the week.

Stories are a huge deal in children's life. It's something to do together with a parent, it's the calm activity before falling asleep, but most of all, its' a stimulation for your mind, and imagination. 

Learning about the peaks of life in interesting stories it the best medicine for growing pains. This book has been written from the basics of kindness. Lovely tales full of lessons and love. 

I wanted to extend the kindness theme to the illustrations of the book. So this lead me to seek artists in familiar facebook groups. I figured, that the stories would become even more personal, with each individual artist behind them. They all did the work pro bono, because I didn't have a dime to give them, only the chance to have their art in a book. 

It took some time and a lot of effort but finally it was out. Fresh out of an oven, just landed from heaven, rolled down the tilly-top.. My first book. This is something I created. Words out of my head, my imagination. No one can ever take that away from me, and I love that. No matter what, I will always have that.

marraskuuta 28, 2017

Green apple smoothie

After a long day and a hard workout I felt the urge to make a smoothie. A healthy, nutrious smoothie.

Two green apples, a banana, pineapple and spinach. To flavor it up I use agave syrap. Protein and fiber we get from hazelnut powder and linseed. To add liquid, I used green tea.

Green tea is good for your body, it contains bio active compounds that improve health. It can improve brain function and burns fat. Spinach gives you iron and linseed is the superseed with awesome abilities like detoxing your body and preventing cancer and heart disease.

This smoothie is not expensive to make, and I could do it with a broken arm, so it was pretty easy =)
I totally recommend it. Also, it tastes good and feels good!