heinäkuuta 13, 2017

Tax-free Freedom

At what point, did we build walls on the opportunities? What was the point, when there became to be so many people, that we had to?

School says, do as we say or you will fail.
Government says, do as we say or go to jail. 
For people of religion, there is also the possibility of hell if you don't follow their rules. 
But what does the earth say? It says, "What the fuck is wrong with you? What are you doing here? These are endless possibilities to be happy, seek every adventure you have ever wanted and no limits to do so. Yet, you keep building and destroying yourselves, and me in the process".

Is freedom more laws and patronizing, or just the opposite? If there is no laws, people (being the worst animals in the world), will ruin other peoples chances to pursue freedom. But being under surveillance is no where near being free.

If only people weren't greedy, selfish, power seeking idiots, there would be no problem. And that is why humans are the only animal, that the concept of Utopia is impossible. Humans are to blame for their own cages.

The model they are selling, is not for me. It is not for everyone. Go to schools, work 30 hours a week, over populate the world, die, be hooked to a machine, then die for real. This is what they want us to live like, this is the cage that was build, but sometimes you just have to stop and think; Is this right?

You can live on the edge, one feet in both worlds, being a good person by law, without letting it affect your happiness. Because when you get down to it, amongst the physical things, freedom is a state of mind. No matter the number of physical obstacles, if your mind isn't free, you wont be either.