maaliskuuta 08, 2017

Keep them with me

Even though, it has already been a year, I can still hear her. I can still see her, and I can still feel her warmth. I lost my darling family member 28.01.2016, she was only five years old, her life didn't have the change to start yet.

Sometimes a year feels like a week.
Sometimes an hour, sometimes a minute.
Somedays year doesn’t have time, it’s just a word.
You can’t measure your healing in time.
Time doesn’t tell you, when you are ready
Or when you are whole again.
In a timeless abyss: You are the only one that knows.

For a pet, we are the world, even if they are just a part of ours, that time is precious. Pets give your life so much love. I can't imagine my life without them. 

I can love many, but she was the one who needed me.
I loved her like no other
I cared for her like no other
I was there when she needed me, and for that I’m grateful.
She was taken care of for all of her life.
She was happy, for all of her life.

I carry them with me. My family's first cat, who lived to be 20 years old, and my baby's paws. Her big fluffy paws. They travel together, and they are always with me.

My eyes red from crying, my heart black from yearning.
Legs so weak, can’t stand up.
Soul crushed but still breathing.
I climb up, I stand up, I keep on going
Give me strength
Give me hope
And lead me back home

I miss her, but Im glad I knew her. There is no happiness without pets. I feel her guiding me, forcing me to deal with pain in my life, just so that I can appreciate the good. Sometimes life adds, sometimes it subtracts.

She heard the call of the mountains, the call of the wind and valleys.
Time doesn’t always tell you, when is the moment,
To let go and leave.
There in the land of valleys, amongst the mountains
She runs, and lives forever

Poetry by Jonna jowi Sihvonen