syyskuuta 16, 2018

Series in Greenwich

So when visiting New York as serious series freak like me, there are couple of things that are beyond must. Two of these series-related places, were in Greenwich area.

Great way to start this walk, is to walk the highline. It is beautiful, usually not very crowded, and no traffic lights! You get almost straight to your first stop at the end of it. The first stop being Carrie Bradshaw's apartment in Sex and the City.

After you take a picture, please leave a dollar (+) to help animals in the donation box near the steps.

Right next to Carries apartment, there is a awesome, cheap little Italian place. The food was so good, I could have had two plates of it. After this you want to direct your route to the Friends-house.

It is literally 500m from Carries place to the Friends place, so if you do one, you gotta do them both. This Greenwich area is gossiped to be a place to see celebrities. So keep those goggles open. The Italian place where we ate, is called Aria Winebar, so if you fancy a quick Ravioli Ricotta before moving forward? This is your place. 

It is amazing to me, to actually visit the steps they acted on, or the building shown right before an indoor scene. I love series, and I have watched Friends like over a hundred times over, and now I am here, right next to the house. Or in these steps. It feels like home to me.

For dessert, just walk another 200m and you will arrive at the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop, that had a dozen thrilling flavours with nutella and rainbows. Right across the street, there is a Gay Liberation Monument that is totally worth your time. 

"How many people have died for these two little statues to be put in the park to recognize gay people? How many years does it take for people to realize we're all brothers and sisters in the human race? We're all in this rat race together." - Marsha P. Johnson

For a easy planning:
Carrie apartment SEX AND THE CITY
66 Perry St, New York

Friends building F.R.I.E.N.D.S
90 Bedford St, New York

Aria Winebar
117 Perry St, New York

Big Gay Ice Cream Shop
61 Grove St, New York

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