marraskuuta 09, 2018

Nature in Central Park

One of the things I was definatly looking forward on our trip, was going to Central Park. Breath in the nature, walk on something other than concrete, and just chilling and letting my legs rest.

I'm still not totally aware of how big Central Park was, and how big all of New York is. You look it in a map and think like "Okay so like three buildings, we can walk that easy", but the distance is way more, buildings are bigger and suddenly it's an hour walk.. Well you know what I mean! Even if Central Park is something to see, so is a lot of things inside it, so take your time with it. There are salesman outside of it selling you cart rides to all the sights. We did ride one bike-cart for like a minute, till he got a flat tire, sorry, we just had burgers!

Just remember, the Friends fountain you find, is fake. but there is also adorable Balto statue, some sketch-for-a-dollar artists, amazing nature, music, and street arts. It's a lot to take in.
When we visited the "Movie bridge" - Bow Bridge, it was lovely, there was a man playing the violin, and I was about to give him some tip, but thought to first take a picture of this lovely set up. He instantly stopped and said something like "Pay." I was a bit stunned, and just said "Was about to, not anymore". They must get thousands of tourist listeners, so I get the frustration. But then again, if you want a solid paycheck and no walk by listeners, you should pic different job.

Getting myself drawn like that was an experience! Definitely. Only thing, it was suppose to be a quick two buck sketch and we were there so long the lights went out and I was freezing standing still! But I did get a awesome memory out of it, maybe I'll hang it in my bathroom, so that every guest has to look at me while they poop. Pure evil. 

I have to say that Central Park was one of the top 10 sights in NY. Maybe because I love nature? That was kind of an obvious one, wasn't it. Well my mood was killed 10 minutes after it, when we found ourselves at Times Square. But more on that later! 

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