helmikuuta 23, 2017

What I use for my hair?

You should always be aware of what you are putting in your body, near your body and well all around your life. The gruesome pictures on the sides of cigarette packs? Good, but add warning photos also to fast-food cartons, alcohol bottles and candy bags.

People usually start to question the stuff we consume through our mouth, like foods and stuff, but rarely does
anyone think about the shampoos, or other things we use on our hair.

At first, I thought of about how much I use for my hair. I'm use to having all kinds of hairstyles that required me to use products to keep them going (up mostly). But for the past few years now, I gave up everything from lacquer to hair wax. I felt like that stuff just doesn't belong to be there, and that my hair looks great without all that junk.

But then a friend of mine shared her thoughts on what you put in your hair, and informed me about chemicals. It is the ugly side of your shampoo called: Sodium laureth sulfate, that you shouldn't use.

What it does for the shampoo is that it makes it foamy, and that is it's main job, and a job that our hair doesn't even need! At that point, when the shampoo its foaming, it has already cleaned the hair. It's useless, but still to this day, people are associate foaming with ''Good shampoo''. Too bad, because Sodium laureth sulfate carries a lot of negative things with it Like it actually destroys your hair in the long run, stripping off all the essential oils your hair needs to stay healthy, breaking down protein and halting healthy hair growth.

The other job of SLS is it's cleaning properties that are way overwhelming, stripping the hair completely. Also, if you think yourself as person who appreciates mother nature, likes naturality, and preserving the world, Sodium laureth sulfate is not the option for you. It is toxic for the environment, it can cause skin irritation/rash and it may contain cancer causing chemicals.

So, what do I use?

The only thing that goes to my hair is my Nurme's Avocado shampoo bar (Bought from Ruohonjuuri), that is a safe, green choice. It is great and easy and it works for me.

Not everything suits for everyone, but you will find yours. :)

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