huhtikuuta 25, 2018

Cold at Coney Island

Not making the headlines match on purpose, but we were freezing when we got to Coney Island!

Our trip to NYC was a cold and windy one mostly. I was picturing that we would sit and hang in the pier, but we got there little after sun went down, and the only thing we did on that pier was exercising so that we wouldn't get gold. Felt bad for the fisherman who had to listen to our laughing and bouncing. But then again, felt bad for the fishes too!

When I was in Scotland in 2016 and in Holland in 2017, I found shells, and now in 2018 we, once again found shells! And it gets better, Scotland with Mimmi, Holland with Sini and now New York with both of them. Superb.

It was nice to see the sky without buildings, and the It's Sugar store was awesome. Overall, nicer weather would have been a plus.
It wasn't what I expected of it, but I got a kickass memory of us exercising, running up and down the pier and listening to some forgotten early 2000's songs.

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