huhtikuuta 24, 2018

Bouncing in Brooklyn

Now that our New York trip is over, I want to write about the different areas we visited. Our Airbnb was in downtown Brooklyn, so we always visited some shops on our way to the subway or bus.

Our very first night in Manhattan, we walked the Brooklyn Bridge back. The lights of the city were amazing. And because it was night, it wasn't crowded, it was only us and few people who walked by. Amazing.

We followed my printed out maps carefully, but after a subway ride to Utica, we started walking into the wrong direction, and walked for 40 minutes in the cold, dark streets of Brooklyn with our phones dead out of battery. Panicky thoughts came into our minds, but we did it. A helpful Delhi guy gave us a ride home and our faith in humanity was restored.

We mostly saw downtown Brooklyn in the morning before going to Manhattan, and midnight when coming back. But one day we visited the so called "whiteside" of Brooklyn when visiting a rooftop bar in the Wythe Hotel. Entry is free, but drinks were expensive. But for that view, why not have a one drink. Near Wythe Hotel, we had drinks in this down to earth, messy bowling place called The Gutter. Got two very different experiences.

On our last day, we had breakfast at the Brooklyn Bridge park (near pier 5 so not that near to the bridge), with an awesome view once again. Shopped at Goodwill and gave back. And because I am a series freak, I wanted to visit familiar named places, or have familiar named foods. Like our lunch at Ihop. They sure did look good but after a while, tasted like cardboard.

I loved Brooklyn. I think we got a whole different experience because we didn't stay at Manhattan. We
got a great memory of the living there, more than visiting there. Know what I mean?

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