tammikuuta 28, 2019

Through thick and thin

No matter how thin, or thick I may be, I need to learn to love myself. This is something I have heard a million times, never really taking it in.

Under the layer of skin, there is me. No matter how much skin, how much fat or how much muscle, I am under there. I can loose the fat, I can loose the muscle, but I can't loose myself.

I believe losing weight will help me love myself, but it won't create it. This must be done before that. There is a difference between loving yourself as who you are, when you are aiming for a more healthy body. And if you are obese, and wanting to stay that way, unhealthy. You should definitely love yourself in every form you may be, as long as your goal is to achieve the healthy body.

I actually have lost about 10 kilos from that body in the picture but you know me. I am a slow writer sometimes. And in these cold weathers, there's nothing like a summer scene to brighten your day.

This is a reminder, to accept yourself now, in the past and in the future.

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  1. Tästä Vera Bianca esitti meille haasteen. Olen pohdiskellut asiaa tässä itsekin: https://viaperasperaadastra.com/2020/08/12/self-love-zone-haaste/


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