toukokuuta 02, 2018

Silly at Staten Island

In Sex and the City, the girls go to Staten Island to judge some firefighters. So obviously, we also had to visit there. Not judging firefighters tho!
Sometimes I really don't like big masses of people, so just imagining Manhattan on a Friday seemed too busy, so it was great to get out of the city. The ferry to Staten Island is free, takes about an 30 minutes and goes twice an hour.

It isn't a huge sight place, but that's why I liked it. There was awesome graffiti art, few statues, lovely vibe and we even stopped at a lighthouse museum that was interesting. I wasn't so interested in the mechanics, but like sometimes if the man died, their wife would adopt the job of a lighthouse keeper, and run it all by them selves. Strong people. Strong women.

The museum is right next to where the ferry stops, and only cost like 5 dollars. We had a nice lunch near the pier just behind the museum. Very calm and nice way to spend an afternoon in Staten Island.

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